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Building the 2-Speed
Building Shocks
Xpress-Oil Break In System (English)

Pin Replacement Tool (English)

Rino shows how to use the Pin Replacement Tool.

Building Shocks (Capricorn)

DJ Apolaro explains how to build shocks using a shock pump and how to set rebound.

Xpress-Oil Break In System (English)

Break In System presentation and tutorial.

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Aluminum CVD Axle
In Stock.
Aluminum M3 Hex. Socket Cap Washer (Red) 5pcs
In Stock.
Aluminum Nuts for Setup Stations
In Stock.
IGT8 Nitro GT Conversion to GT Electric
In Stock.
Kit Pipe Efra 2094 + Conical Manifold 90
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KO Propo RSX3-12 Servo World Spec
Kosmic Extension Wire Black  150mm.
In Stock.
O.S. Speed P3 Ultra Hot Plug
Out of Stock.
O.S. Speed P4 Gold Super Hot Plug
In Stock.
Polished RCtarget Pipe and Header
In Stock.