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Tarot ZYX-GS triaxial PTZ gyro zyx13
Tarot ZYX-GS triaxial PTZ gyro zyx13

Tarot ZYX-GS triaxial PTZ gyro zyx13

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ZYX-GS triaxial PTZ stability augmentation control system
A. Brief introduction
  Stability augmentation control system ZYX-GS, Tarot newly developed precision high-performance PTZ apply to the steering gear driven PTZ PTZ and Tarot's upcoming servo motor drive, compatible with all commercially available steering gear to support conventional receiver, S- BUS A receiver, DSM2/DSMJ/DSMX receiver offers free firmware upgrade service. PC software based on the Windows operating system to adjust the parameters of the debugging process is simple and easy.
  ZYX-GS is available in two horizontal mode the angle lock mode and follow (FPV) mode, so that the aerial application of the user more flexibility. ZYX-GS is designed for the position of the steering gear and speed servos (without potentiometer) control algorithm, the user can select the control mode according to the head of the steering gear type.
  Stability augmentation control system of the ZYX-GS Precision high-performance PTZ high specifications axis MEMS gyroscope sensor and three-axis MEMS accelerometer sensor, by the the advanced gesture solver algorithm solving PTZ gesture angle, and refresh rates up to 800Hz, can quickly accurately sensing head angle changes, and for aerial applications optimized control algorithm, applicable to a variety of harsh climate and environment, good PTZ augmentation performance. ZYX-GS to take separate design of the sensor module and the control module, allowing users to trace easier.
II. Characteristic
Support PTZ roll, pitch, point to the three-axis stability augmentation
Support the sensitivity parameter adjustment and software 3D gesture display
To support PTZ angle lock mode and follow (FPV) mode
To support the Joystick rate mode and position mode
Sensor: three-axis MEMS gyroscope and three-axis MEMS accelerometer
Support PTZ: the steering gear PTZ, Tarot servo motors PTZ (developed in)
Support the steering gear: 1520 Analog / 960 analog / 760 analog / 1520 Digital / 960 Digital / 760 Digital
Support receiver: conventional receiver, S-BUS receiver, DSM2/DSMJ/DSMX receiver
Size: 38 * 29 * 13MM/27 * 27 * 9MM
Weight: 26g (without cable and plug)
Support for remote control devices: PPM/PCM/2.4G
Operating voltage: DC3.5V ~ 9V
Operating Current: 60mA
Operating ambient temperature: -15 º C ~ 65 º C
Maximum angular rate: 2000 º / sec
Maximum Acceleration: 16g.
Control frequency: 800Hz
The control angle range: -45 º ~~. 45 º (roll), -180 º to 180 º (point), -135 º to 90 º (pitch).

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