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Parrot Bebop Drone & SkyController Bundle (Blue) PTAPF725101
Parrot Bebop Drone & SkyController Bundle (Blue) PTAPF725101

Parrot Bebop Drone & SkyController Bundle (Blue) PTAPF725101

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Parrot Bebop Drone & SkyController Bundle FPV Ready (Blue) PTAPF725101


Parrot product is available for sale only through Authorized Parrot Retailers. Click the link below for the Parrot Retail Agreement or contact your sales representative for details.

Key Features

  • A true piloting experience
  • High precision joysticks and pads
  • Foldable sunshade cover, neck strap, and more
  • FPV ready
  • Stabilized 14 megapixel fisheye camera
  • Record video in Full HD 1080p and share instantly
  • Advanced 3-axis video stabilization system
  • Live video streaming on your smartphone or tablet
  • 180° vision control on your smartphone and tablet
  • Built with safety in mind: propellers stop in case of contact
  • GPS embedded for automatic return home and high altitude flight control
  • Easy to pilot with the free dedicated App: FreeFlight 3
  • Wi-Fi MIMO range up to 300 m/984 ft
  • Dual core processor with quad-core GPU
  • 8GB memory Flash storage
  • Connect to the Parrot Cloud to keep track of your flights, navigation data and to share videos and photos

    Lightweight yet robust quadricopter

    Parrot Bebop Drone produces the best flight performance ever seen in a leisure drone. The feather-weight ABS reinforced structure makes Parrot Bebop Drone robust and safe. In case of an emergency, the emergency function automatically stops the propellers and lands the drone. EPP hulls are included in the pack and ensure that indoor flights are safer. To ensure optimal stability without compromising the maneuverability, the Bebop Drone automatically analyzes data from numerous 3-axis sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer. One ultrasound sensor with an 8 meters reach, one pressure sensor and one vertical camera to mesure speed.

    The user-friendly application was developed for usability allowing the pilot to be entirely focused on the pleasure of flying. From the home page of the app the pilot can access basic functionalities: Piloting, photos/videos, flight plan, Cloud "Pilot Academy"... "Freeflight 3" offers users complete control of their altitude and speed settings and piloting mode (accelerometer, virtual joystick...). It also includes fun features such as one-touch Flip!

    Parrot Bebop Drone generates its own Wi-Fi hotspot

    MIMO Wi-Fi connection: Parrot Bebop Drone embarks 2 dual-band Wi-Fi antennas that allows it to handle both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz MIMO frequencies. It generates its own Wi-Fi 802.11 network. Depending on the network interference, you can select the frequency of your choice.

    Stabilized full HD 1080p video

    Thanks to algorithms developed by Parrot engineers, the Bebop Drone benefits from an exclusive 3-axis image stabilization system that maintains a fixed angle of the view regardless of the inclination of the drone and its movements caused by wind turbulence.

    180° vision controlled by the pilot

    The pilot can control the angle of the camera directly in the piloting application with a simple movement of the thumb. The horizontal movement on a 180° angle is fully digital and does not affect your drone's movements.

    Parrot Cloud

    Keep track of all your flights and share your photos, videos and navigation data with other members of the Parrot Cloud. Share your data with the community while you are connected to YouTube and Facebook. Join the Parrot Cloud with over 150,000 registered pilots. Enjoy free backup of your flight data and 3D replay.

    14 megapixels Fisheye camera

    Equipped with a 14 megapixel "fisheye" camera, the Parrot Bebop Drone records videos and takes pictures within a 180° field of view with remarkable image quality. Full-digital image stabilization technology allows the Bebop Drone to take remarkably stable and clear aerial footage regardless of the drones movements, as well as providing a splash and dust proof lens. Action cameras often show distorted horizontal lines. The Parrot Bebop Drone camera provides undistorted lines resulting in a perfect, uncurved horizon.

    A true piloting experience

    Dock and connect your smartphone or tablet, and sync with your Bebop Drone over Wi-Fi on FreeFlight 3 app. Or use Skycontroller as a standalone remote control. Dock and connect your smartphone or tablet, and sync with your Bebop Drone over Wi-Fi on FreeFlight 3 app. Or use Skycontroller as a standalone remote control. With Skycontroller, pilot Bebop Drone with 2 ultra-precise joysticks and control the orientation of the fisheye (180°) camera with one dedicated pad to change the viewing angle of the camera.

    High precision joysticks & pads

    Take control of the drone via two ultra-precise joysticks. The top right stick lets you control the angle of the camera in a 180° field. The top left stick enables you to navigate the app in FPV mode.

    Foldable sunshade cover, neck strap and more

    Embedded GPS with Flight Map control

    Thanks to the integrated GPS, control your Bebop drone directly on the map: plan your flights on your smartphone and let your drone do the rest!

    Accurate GPS localization: around 2 meters with the GNSS chip and tracking with the Glonass satellite. Save over 350 flights and watch them in 3D with the Parrot Cloud thanks to the altitude and speed data collected. Flight Plan will be available as an in-app Freeflight 3 purchase.

    Return Home

    When Return Home is selected the Bebop drone returns directly to its starting position when the altitude is greater than 10 meters. If the altitude is less or equal to 10 meters, it will rise and stabilize itself at 10 meters before returning to its take-off position in a straight line. Once it has reached its take-off position, it will stop and hover 2 meters above the ground.

    Freeflight 3 - Free App

    Parrot Bebop Drone comes with a free piloting application "Freeflight 3" for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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