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O.S. Speed R2104
O.S. Speed R2104

O.S. Speed R2104

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O.S. SPEED R2104 

-The new engine boasts 9-port piston liner to improve torque in low-middle power range. It produces enough power as designed even in high traction tracks.

-Distance between the cooling fins is enhanced for better air flow and better balance. The heat sink head is anodized in two colors; black and red.

-An silicon O-ring fit to the inner head prevents dust from coming into the engine.

-The redesigned crankshaft counter weight enables smooth power transition from low to top.

-The carburetor is 21M2(B), which has been proved to be consistent and reliable for generations (R2101, 2102, 2103)


Displacement: 3.49cc / 0.213 cu.in.
Bore: 16.08mm/0.633in.
Stroke: 17.20mm/0.677in.
Output 2.8ps/2.76hp/35,000r.p.m
Practical r.p.m.Range: 4,000-45,000 r.p.m.
Weight: 340g / 11.99oz

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