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KO Propo RSX3- one Flection
KO Propo RSX3- one Flection

KO Propo RSX3- one Flection

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Flection means flexible and Curvature, it will touch the road with smooth cornering. With the delicate operation and enhanced torque of the newly developed core-less motor, we have acquired an unprecedented handling performance.

A completely newly designed core-less motor has succeeded in greatly reducing power consumption while pursuing extreme performance at a size that can be mounted on a low profile servo. We have dramatically reduced the probability of adverse phenomena such as weakness of servo due to the ESC BEC circuit current dropping.

After the primary anodizing, further cutting and a secondary anodizing is applied. The top case is manufactured through a double anodizing process and is finished by becoming very lightweight while securing adequate strength by cutting the inner thickness to the limit. A delicate and fearless design form was born, which imagined the suppleness and strength of Flection.

Torgue: 12.5Kg-cm Speed: 0.09sec/60deg(@7.4V)
Torque: 11.8Kg-cm Speed: 0.10sec/60deg(@6.0V)
Dimensions: 40.5×26×21mm (Low Profile)
Weight: 53.3g
Operating voltage: 6.0~7.4V (Lipo,Life,Ni-MH)
The hard alumite aluminum gear
Core-less motor
Dual bearings
The hard servo gear shaft
The aluminum top case
The aluminum heat sink middle case
Black cable
Gold plated connector
HCS Compatible
Recommend category
1/10 EP on road, 1/10 EP Off road, 1/10 GP On road.  

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