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The EX-NEXT used in combination with the "KR-420XT"are equipped "XT" that is more progress from "FHSS".You can choice RF mode from XT advanced mode which is fastest response in the world by one way communications and 'XT telemetry mode' which is supported telemetry(two ways communications). You can feel most fastest response by EX-NEXT and KR-420XT. *The telemetry function can only use with our serial compatible products and receiver's power voltage. KR-420XT is supported 'REAL TIME ICS" that is new serial communication to servos. It became to change setting data of servos by wire-less from transmitter in your hand. You can use "REAL TIME ICS" with connect to B/S port from BSx4-one10 Grasper2 that is supported serial communication. There is only one B / S port, but you can connect two or more devices by change the device ID number and using a branch cable. So, You can use "REAL TIME ICS" in the GP car or else category too. EX-NEXT & KR_420XT are supported HCS that is adopted from RSx3 BSx3 series.?Until now, it was necessary to change the receiver mode using the setting device, but with EX-NEXT, it can be changed from the transmitter each channel.HCS compatible servo are automatically change to HCS mode when received signal was HCS. If you want use HCS, please connect to 1-4ch of KR-420XT. Specifications: Dimentions:30.9?18.4?13.5mm Weight:5.8g Operation Voltage: 4.8~7.4V Frequency: 2.4GHz(XT) Number of Channel: PWM 4CH?Serial 8ID Black shielded antenna Gold-plated terminals Telemetry compatible Serial control compatible HCS compatible Fail safe function equipped

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