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Copa America 2023 (EN)


About the race

RCtarget is proud to present you the COPA AMERICA.

The idea behind this concept is to provide a world class annual event in the Americas. The intention is to host a yearly race in a different country in order to enable the racers and their families to experience different places, discover new cultures and create exciting memories.


For the inaugural edition, Perú was selected to host the event. This country, located in the west coast of South America, offers history, culture and many natural features. The Historic Distric of Lima, Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines are just a few of the many landmarks worth visiting. Perú has also being awarded several times as a world leading culinary destination. All in all, Perú is able to cater to all type of tourist and we welcome all to visit this beautiful country.

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About the facility

The Miniautodromo Polo Bracale is located in the Magdalena del Mar district, next to the beach and very close to the most popular districts of Lima.

Track Tecnical Data

- The driving line has a total length of 280 meters, with a 50 meters straightaway and an average width of 5 meters.

- The Surface is made of fine grade asphalt.

- Pit lane width is 1.5 meters.


- The rostrum is 15 meter long with capacity up to 12 drivers.

- The paddock is covered. Tables and chairs are available for every driver with outlets of 220V.

- The scoring booth is located next to the track using the AMB Lap Control system.

- The scoring software is LiveRC.

- Cleaning area with compressor available for all the drivers.

- Restrooms are available on site.

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We recommend to stay in any accommodation located in the Miraflores and/or San Isidro area. For your convenience, we have verified the following AIRBNB and Hotel:

  * Click here for AIRBNB listing

  * Click here for Hotel website

    Hotel Whatsapp contact to get a special race rate: +51 993 517 860


There are many options like in any other country but we recommend to use UBER. It's very affordable and convenient.


We will follow the IFMAR rules for all the classes with the exception of the controlled tires.

Weight and width will be check after every round. Fuel capacity will be check randomly.

The fuel will be limited to 16% Nitro.

Registration and More

Follow the link below to complete registration. In this section you can register for the event, prepay your fuel and purchase tires (the price includes the onsite delivery)

Take advantage of not having to transport your own tires: saves space and weight in your luggage.

There will be no inventory of tires available to purchase at the event.

To register click HERE