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RCtarget Tool bag with 16pcs Tesla tools

RCtarget Tool bag with 16pcs Tesla tools

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Part Number:RC00F03

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RCtarget Toolbag and multi purpose case with 16pcs Tesla tools with golden tips
Embroidered logos and great quality

Bag Dimensions 17 x 11 x 4 inches

Tool Bag Includes 
TS-19230 Exhaust Spring / Caster Clip Remover
TS-19231 Wrench Glowplug / Clutch Nut 10mm Long
TS-19232 Reamer with End Cap for Lexan Body
TS-19233 Flywheel Remover
TS-19234 Multishock Clamp
TS-91236 Allen Wrench 1.5 x 120mm
TS-19237 Allen Wrench 2.0 x 120mm
TS-19238 Allen Wrench 2.5 x 120mm
TS-19239 Allen Wrench 3.0 x 120mm
TS-19240 Ball Driver Hex Wrench 2.0 x 120mm
TS-19241 Ball Driver Hex Wrench 2.5 x 120mm
TS-19242 Ball Driver Hex Wrench 3.0 x 120mm
TS-19243 Flat Head Screwdriver 3.0 x 120mm
TS-19244 Flat Head Screwdriver 5.0 x 120mm
TS-19245 Phillips Screwdriver 4.0 x 120mm
TS-19246 Nut Driver 7.0 x 100mm